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Wooden villas situated amid pine forests very often served as summer health resorts. Their openwork porches, suspended in greenery, filtered the light and provided a sense of intimacy. Inspired by this phenomenon, the Mayer collection furniture seems to be drawn with chiaroscuro. Designed by Tomasz Trzupek – architect and painter working in Warsaw.

The possibility of a stepped arrangement of elements gives the opportunity to compose complex furniture arrangements, making MAYER collection perfect for both a hotel lobby and a more intimate space on a private terrace. While working on the collation we drew inspiration from the idea contained in the impressionist paintings of Aleksander Gierymski ‘In the Gazebo’ and in the study for this painting –  both show the basic components of being in the garden: greenery, light, shade, simplicity, durable material and… company.

Designer: Tomasz Trzupek


KIS | Villa in the woods – Mayer Collection | short